About UniSave

Reddam UniSave is an exciting new way to manage the financial burden of making sure you child has all the uniforms they need. With UniSave, you can sign up to make small regular purchases of ReddamUniBucks that accumulate in your Reddam UniBucks Wallet and can be used to pay for uniforms whenever you need them.
For example, Jane’s son Thabo is a Grade 3 learner who is growing fast. In January, Jane enrolls in the UniSave program and elects to purchase R200 of UniBucks each month. At the end of the school year, Thabo needs a new set of uniforms for Grade 4. Jane has accumulated R2,400 in UniBucks which she uses to buy all the uniforms that Thabo will need for the following year. Jane is happy that she won’t have to worry about school uniform costs in January when expenses are tight, and Thabo is happy because he will be looking great in his new school uniforms!
Signing up for UniSave is easy. On the Enroll in UniSave button, click the New Debit Order button to set up a recurring deduction from your debit/credit card account. You can select the day when the deduction should occur, how much to deduct and how often the deduction should be made. You will then be passed on to our secure payment gateway to enter your card details as with a normal uniform purchase. Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!
Changing or canceling your debit order is just as easy. Just follow the links to change or cancel debit order on the UniSave page.
Kill the January blues and make saving for uniforms easy by enrolling in the Reddam UniSave program today!